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CrossingCharm strides to be the leading provider of Animal Crossing New Horizons content. From Guides and Updates to Goodies for the community to enjoy; all while providing that Animal Crossing Charm IRL. CrossingCharm is, thus far, a one man show as a passion project and hobby, but it can be so much more!

Are you interested in writing an Animal Crossing post for CrossingCharm.com?

Earn a Commission

You earn a 30% commission on your article for the entire first month (30 days) that your post is published. Your commission is based off of that month’s ad revenue for the entire site!

CrossingCharm uses WordAds to display ads throughout the website, and uses Google Analytics to track how many views each post receives. Your commission for your article would be the outcome of the following equation for only the first month of the article:

((Month Total Views on Your Article / Month Total CrossingCharm Website Views) x Month Ad Revenue) x 30%.

Your commission would then be distributed via PayPal.

**possible commission percentage tiers coming soon, ie. 30%, 40% 50%. Moving to a different tier would be based on your past posts stats and reader engagement.

Add to the Charm

Writing for CrossingCharm gives you a unique opportunity to set your personality free. Connect with your readers and let them know how much you love Animal Crossing! The only requirement regarding this is that your post live up to the Animal Crossing family-friendly guidelines set by Nintendo.

Share your Story

As a commissioned writer at CrossingCharm, you have the choice to leave a brief description of who you are, what you do, and what your working in a short “About the Author” section from within the post! Feel free to use this as a brief advertising space for your other work. Although, links are not allowed in this section, readers can easily copy and paste the information they want to search.

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