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JobContent Writer
DescriptionWrite one or many ACNH blog posts. Can be fx. News/Updates, Fun Story, In-Game Recipes, Community Freebies, etc. Must have the structure of blog posts already on CrossingCharm (I reserve the right to edit structure/spelling of posts)
Pay50% ad rev. based on post views*
PaymentSent via PayPal
Payment PeriodEvery 60 days
*Pay calculation: (Your post(s) views / Total post views in last 60 days) x Total Ad Revenue = Your payment every 60 days via paypal

CrossingCharm is built around the wonderful Animal Crossing community with a focus towards the newest edition to the series – Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you enjoy reading engaging content about ACNH, and believe you can enlighten the community with an informational post or even a journal post about what you did today/this week (and how you did it fx: landscaping) then you just might be a perfect for CrossingCharm’s content writing team! Get in touch below.


The brainstorming session; map out and outline your post idea into sections with distinct headers.


Take that post outline to the next level with a descriptive/fun paragraph for each section/header! Don’t forget the helpful pictures to tell your story!


Inspiration and Strategy rely on Focus in order to perform bi-weekly posts! Reach out to other team members for solutions, and remember to have fun with your post!

Let’s build something together.

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