DIY Recipe System in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. How Does It All Work?

The DIY Recipes system unlocked a world of possibilities to create and combine furniture, flooring, wallpapers, and even clothing. Players try to get a hold of seasonal recipes to celebrate each holiday accordingly, and overall it’s just a fun thing to do. Especially if you’re a completionist, here are the three main ways you can obtain a DIY recipe in New Horizons.

Create And Find Custom Patterns For Animal Crossing: New Horizons With This Useful Tool

The fanmade platform hosts more than 500,000 patterns uploaded by their community, from clothing designs, floor, furniture patterns, and much more. ACPatterns originally started as a custom tool for New Leaf and Happy Home Designer, but nowadays, New Horizons players can also benefit from it.

How To Make Your Own Animal Crossing Tarantula Island After Update

If you are up for the task of a day full of internal screaming as you try to creep up on these 8 legged, hairy demons; then this guide is for you! We will go over How To Catch A Tarantula, How To Find Tarantula Island, and How To Spawn Tarantulas On A Mystery Island.