Animal Crossing Villager Homes Layout Ideas

Island life getting a little slow and possibly stale? Liven up your island with these Villager Home Layout Ideas!

How To Make Your Own Animal Crossing Tarantula Island After Update

If you are up for the task of a day full of internal screaming as you try to creep up on these 8 legged, hairy demons; then this guide is for you! We will go over How To Catch A Tarantula, How To Find Tarantula Island, and How To Spawn Tarantulas On A Mystery Island.

5 Big Myths In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

There are a few rumors, or myths if you will, going around the Animal Crossing world about making Orville blush so that he will bring you to a rare island like tarantula island, or tricks on how to remove villagers, Nook’s Cranny upgrades, or even…