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What is CrossingCharm?

Hi and welcome to my passion project! CrossingCharm is an information hub to find anything you may need for Animal Crossing New Horizons while carrying on that uplifting charm we feel while playing!

In-game, my name is always J. Sparrow; Captain J. Sparrow! Well ok it’s actually Mayor J. Sparrow as per the usual with Animal Crossing games, but I’m just a big fan of Pirates of the Caribbean.

I hope CrossingCharm will be a go-to for everything you may need for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and I am fully aware of the journey I’ve set my coordinates to; not to mention how excited I am for it!

As you read on CrossingCharm and get the goodies I put out there when I’m not researching or writing, like Phone Wallpapers and printable Monthly Calendars, I hope you find exactly what your looking for, and if not, you are always welcome to contact me via email or on any of the socials below to let me know exactly what CrossingCharm is missing!



As CrossingCharm is a one man team, and it’s just me typing away at my keyboard in full excitement of the post I’m about to publish; there are means of supporting me if you would like to.

I am a huge coffee drinker, and if I could I would have an IV drip of the stuff with a bit of sugar and some Hazelnut creamer!

But instead I have Ko-fi. Ko-fi is a system much like Patreon, where I can upload extra goodies or special news to those of the CrossingCharm community! The platform is based around the notion of supporting a creator who’s work or Animal Crossing content they enjoy by buying that creator a coffee. Now, I plan on releasing a fully printable calendar for the entire year of 2020, by the end of April. The calendar will feature Event Dates and Villager Birthdays to celebrate in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and will be available only on Ko-fi for supporters.

If you’d like to check out my/CrossingCharm’s Ko-fi page, you can do so here:

Social Media

And of course I need a way to communicate with the fantastic people of the Animal Crossing community, and let me tell you; there are a lot of ways we can do just that!

I’ve set up socials for CrossingCharm so that I can be on the same sites that you’re on, and that way we don’t have to go through some wild goose chase to talk to each other! Here are all of the places you can find CrossingCharm:

Thank you for checking out and reading the About page, not many people make it this far! If you’re really enjoying the content on the site and would like to contribute your own piece of Animal Crossing history; I have a Google Form that interested writers can fill out with details like; What is the article topic, provide a brief description of the article, what images would you like to include, etc.

If writing isn’t your thing, feel free to follow @CrossingCharm on any socials, and continue to enjoy the articles here on CrossingCharm.com

Thank you!

with love, Mayor J. Sparrow and Molly!

CrossingCharm was founded on March 1, 2020

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