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Players in Animal Crossing: New Horizons were initially met with a fantastic variety of furniture and designs to decorate their island as they pleased. A real fantasy for the interior decorator inside all of us. But even the most creative resident might end up getting tired from the limited default patterns available for customizing.

Of course, Nintendo has this problem in mind all along and allowed the addition of custom pattern designs to the player’s library, a decision that pretty much opened the gate for the most creative, crazy, and impressive creations.


This feature isn’t exclusive to the latest release, though, since New Leaf and Happy Nome Designer already implemented custom patterns. Nowadays, people have added everything to their island in New Horizons through this method, from silly memes to serious artworks filling each corner of the island with a unique charm. 

The game offers two ways to do so, each with its advantages and drawbacks.

How To Upload A Custom Pattern

Uploading A Pattern Option 1: Able Sisters’ pink kiosk 

Once the Able Sisters’ tailor store is available on your island, you can go to the cute pink kiosk set at the shop’s back. Over there, you can connect to the Internet and input an alphanumeric code linked to the Creator’s ID or the Design’s ID to look at the respective custom clothing or object patterns. In case you input a Creator’s ID, the entire library shared by the creator will be available for browsing.

The drawback of this method is that you’re limited by the Able Sister’s working hours, and we all know sometimes you just have to renovate your whole island at 2 A.M while all your residents are sleeping. 😁


Uploading A Pattern Option 2: QR Codes through NookLink

Another option included in New Horizons is using the NookLink app and reading QR codes extracted from New Leaf or any corner of the internet to add new pattern designs to your library. Keep in mind that in this option, you’ll need both a Nintendo Switch Online subscription and download the associated app on your tablet or smartphone of your preference. Once you’ve linked your game file with your Nintendo Account, you can quickly scan the QR code using the NookLink section of the Nintendo Switch Online app and export it to your character’s pattern library. 

Unfortunately, there’s no way to scan multiple designs at once, so you’ll need to be patient and export each QR code individually.

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How To Make A Custom Pattern

Having this information at hand, you might be wondering. What happens if you’re looking for a concrete design, and you have no idea how to create it yourself through the drawing editor? 

We have some excellent news, ACPatterns has your back.

What is ACPatterns?

The fanmade platform hosts more than 500,000 patterns uploaded by their community, from clothing designs, floor, furniture patterns, and much more. ACPatterns originally started as a custom tool for New Leaf and Happy Home Designer, but nowadays, New Horizons players can also benefit from it.

At first glance, the website has a charming look inspired by the Nook Phone interface,


and all players should be able to access the website through any browser they want. The Home page shows an icon for updates, the editor tool, access to browse the patterns library, a FAQ section, and a direct link to their Discord server. Aside from that, you’ll be able to access a menu at all times by clicking the compass icon on the top-right side of the screen. Simple to understand, simple to use. 

How To Use ACPattern’s Editor

The interface is the same as the one used in-game, but instead, you’ll use your mouse to draw. On top of the screen, you can see all colors available. By selecting one, you can either choose between defined color palettes for New Leaf designs or modify the hue, vividness, and brightness for a New Horizons pattern.

On the left side of the screen, you’ll see a preview of your design, both as a pixelated canvas and as to how it would look in-game. The image will change as soon as you apply any changes to the Editor. 

To make everyone’s jobs more comfortable, the editor offers the Bucket tool to fill the entire design with one color. And, in case you want to reuse a color you already added to the canvas, the Eyedropper tool is available too. For the Brush tool, there are three different sizes available to add more precise lines to your drawings, and by pressing the T key on your keyboard, you can toggle with ease between them. 

Below all the painting tools, you can import files to the Editor. In case you already have a detailed image you want to transfer into the custom canvas, you can upload the file from your computer by going to the Import tab and selecting the file. You can customize the conversion and palette selection method and modify the image’s saturation and transparency retention. It is particularly useful when you want to add a more detailed picture, even if the final result will be determined by the game’s grid.


Some Details To Keep In Mind

In case you want to create or save several designs at once, you can go to the Save button and select the “to Storage” option. That way, you’ll be able to keep them all in one place (by clicking the Storage button on top of all the editing tools), and you won’t need to go through each design to export it manually. 

Otherwise, you can choose to save the file as an .ACNL file or a QR code. Of course, you’re also given the option to publish your brand-new design to the platform so other users can check your creations. Just add a title, an author, and a town name, alongside some tags, if the pattern can be used in more than one type of object or follows a specific style.

Since ACPatterns was functioning way longer before Animal Crossing: New Horizons was announced, the developers have implemented a toggle option to choose whether the image will be compatible with one of those games. 

The toggle tool has some flaws, and it’s in constant testing and improvements. The results might not be the most optimal since color palettes function differently in New Leaf and New Horizons, but all designs have excellent fidelity to the original model nevertheless.

Final Thoughts

ACPatterns is an essential tool for any Animal Crossing player. No matter if you’re an Animal Crossing veteran or you’re just getting started with the franchise through New Horizons, the platform is easy to use and might be more comfortable to draw your creations using their Editor tool than using the console. If you don’t feel creative enough to start from scratch with any design, the diverse library updated continuously by the community is an excellent way to grab some patterns and get your creativity working. 

I personally feel like it’s an incredibly convenient resource to have once you start seriously renovating your island. Give ACPatterns a try and let me know what you think!

This article is just a part of the wonderful life of Animal Crossing that we try to capture here on CrossingCharm. If you are interested in more guides and fun articles to read, for example, our guides on Island Planners to plan your land/waterscaping before designing in game, try our 3D Island Planner, Google Sheets Map Editor, and Happy Island Designer! If you are looking for some phone app companions try Fan-Made Companion App, ACNH Travel Guide, and ACNH Guide! CrossingCharm also offers free Monthly Calendars and Phone Wallpapers of your favorite villagers!


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