20 Animal Crossing Christmas Gift Ideas and Black Friday Deals

Gift Guide 2020 - Animal Crossing New Horizons gift

A helpful gift guide of 20 Animal Crossing New Horizons gifts for him/her this wonderful Holiday season! 🎄🎁 There’s a bunch of awesome stuff in here, all available on Amazon, and the writer’s sense of humor is just fantastic!😄

**article includes affiliate links that are extremely helpful to us on CrossingCharm to provide amazing articles for your enjoyment. Thank you for reading!

Welcome to my 20 best Animal Crossing: New Horizons gift buying guide for him/her! In this large article, we will have an overview of the best ACNH gifts available on Amazon for your special someone this Holiday Season! If you’re interested in quick shipping, you can give Amazon Prime a try for free for 30days. If you’re just trying for those 30 days and not continuing, I recommend adding an alert in your calendar for 29 days in the future to cancel the subscription ahead of time before you get charged!


Anyways, I went a little overboard with this post and left like/dislike buttons on each gift idea to help each other out, so please use them! Happy Gift Hunting!

Better Have My Bells – Coffee Mug

Let’s start things off on the spicy side! Now I’m a BIG coffee drinker. You know that meme where it’s like “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had this much coffee” and the coffee mug is like a 2 gallon jug? Well that’s an accurate representation of my coffee addiction, and this is one mug I would love to add to my collection. $16.99

Bells Bag – Functional Drawstring Bag

A 100% velvet, super soft and smooth drawstring bag can make a really fun gift, and let me tell you why. Not only is the bag a good size for make-up, a Nintendo Switch + games + accessories, and I mean any other gift on or off this list. As long as it fits within 13.7” x 14.9” the gift(s) can be stuffed into this bad boy, drawn tight, and stuffed under the tree! They’ll get the gifts inside as well as the bag itself. A gift that keeps on giving. $24.99 $16.99


Animal Crossing: New Horizons Game

Now what kind of helpful Holiday season gift giving guide would this be without the actual Animal Crossing: New Horizons Game itself! With 99% of the people who’ve bought this game absolutely loving it, you can’t go wrong with this gift…unless the receiver of your glorious gifts isn’t into ACNH; then it’s probably not the best gift to give them🤪 $54.99

Animal Crossing PLUSHIEEES!!

I’ll admit it these little guys are adorable, and make excellent cuddle toys. Just a bit of advice though, make sure to give these guys a thorough wash before giving them to your little ones, or even for yourself. Not that these things are nasty or anything, just with today’s current events you can never be too careful! Anyways, the amazon listing button will take you to a listing vetted by me (4.5/5 star reviews) , and the second button is for an amazon search to choose your own listing. $16.99 (a few of these are already “currently unavailable, so act fast)

Animal Crossing Villager NFC Cards

What Is It? If you’re unsure of what these are, I can clear that fuzzy feeling right up. First off, these cards are just like Amiibo, BUT at the fraction of the price! Two Amiibo can easily costs $54.99, so getting 72 in this pack is quite the deal. Secondly, NFC is a type of data transfer with these cards holding specific information (for example, the Stitches card will have Stitches inside).


Using NFC Card: You would then need to be playing ACNH, go to the Town Hall, Interact with the ATM machine (green leaf machine on the right when you walk inside), put the Villager Card over your Right Joy-Con’s joystick, and wallah; you’ve just invited the villager to visit your campsite (the tent) on your island! You can also use these to invite villagers on Phototopia for some epic photo sessions! $54.99

Animal Crossing New Horizons Face Masks

A great idea for those working in an occupation that requires a mask during the entire shift: waiter/waitress, nursing, etc. These are soft, and comfortable enough to wear during work, then give them a simple wash when needed, and safely re-use. Easier on the environment, AND easier on your wallet! (versus buying boxes of disposable/one-off masks!) $19.99


Joy-Con Thumb Grips

Another cute accessory that can be really helpful, especially if your fingers get tired after playing ACNH for while. These are excellent to just pop on the Joy-Con sticks and continue playing. These would make excellent stocking stuffers, as well as inside the Drawstring Bells Bag above! The price isn’t bad either for the quality and design! $6.99

Wireless Nintendo Switch Controller

I feature Timmy & Tommy here, but there are actually a few others to choose from! The other Animal Crossing related wireless controller from PowerA (a Nintendo certified accessory maker) is K.K. Slider, but there are also some awesome Pokémon Sword and Shield controllers. $47.00

New Horizons Carrying Case

There is definitely a theme throughout this post of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Green Leaf and that mint/maybe soft lime green/blue color, and I love it. I personally have the white background/mint leaf case, and it’s really durable, compact, and holds everything I need while on the go. $19.99

Officially Licensed Nintendo Socks!

Full length Animal Crossing New Horizons themed socks in white, green, and gray/pink. They look so comfortable! They are made out of 98% Polyester 2% cotton, fit women’s size 4 – 7.5, and men’s 4-6, and come as a 3-pack! $20.69


Official Companion Guide

For those wanting a little something extra, or even knowing someone who is starting to get a little board with New Horizons; the companion guide can liven up the game experience again. It has every single item, building, guides for land/waterscaping, interacting with villagers, NookPhone guides, and much more. It’s literally the game in a book, and it’s awesome. $26.97

Water Bottle & Journal Combo

I have a customized bullet journal, that I use to keep track of my Uni classes, work shifts, and a bunch of other fast changing plans; without my journal I would be lost. Writing in my journal is also some “me” time that I look forward to each and every time I get even 3 minutes to open it up! I really like the inside of this journal, you can have a yearly overview in the front pages, and then daily pages following for the coming year 2020/2021. For just the water bottle: $19.99, for both the water bottle and journal: $34.99


Bellioniaire T-Shirt

Fun for the whole family haha! Whether the husband or wife will wear one or not, there is definitely an option to do so, as well as different colors for the little one(s); I’ve chosen green for the kids shirt in this example because it’s the best color aka my favorite! $22.99

Ergonomic Joy Pad – Save Your Wrists!

This design should have been included with the mainstream Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, but luckily for us we have this as a sweet, wrist-saving alternative! These should save your wrists from long hours of landscaping and item hunting! I’m putting these on my X-mas list, because I’ll have an extra set of joy-cons, another usb charging cord, and the ergonomic holder. These can also be charged by the console too! $39.99

Animal Crossing Enamel Pins

I’m a bit of a pin geek myself with my own webshop called Piniverse, and that Present pin is awesome! It’s just like in-game and would be a great addition to my backpack (or a jacket, hat, you name it). These come in this pack of 4 pins you see here. I did look around for a listing to buy them separately, there wasn’t one, but having these four would be an awesome addition. You have the Animal Crossing Mystery Present, Bell Bag, Fossil, and Leaf! $13.99

“Sorry I Can’t, My Villagers Need Me” Socks

Admittedly, this is a bit of a cheeky gift, but it’s also freaking awesome! I love these kind of socks with sayings on them. In fact, I believe my wife has a pair that says something about wine…yeah she does! I just found them! They say “If You Can Read This, Bring Me A Glass Of Wine”😂


Animal Crossing Blankets!!

It’s time to snuggle up on the couch with a Nintendo Switch and a cuppa. These blankets come in four different variations with this massive collection of villagers blanket being my favorite! Which one is your favorite? $33.99

Carrying Case – Nintendo Switch Lite

This case is specifically for the Nintendo Switch Lite so please keep that in mind before you buy! $24.99


Animal Crossing Hooded Sweatshirt!

Animal Crossing New Horizons Nintendo Switch

And of course, just like including the game, what kind of guide would this be without the Officially Branded Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch! Is it finally time to buy this beautiful gaming console for the girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband, or really close close friend? Either way, it’s definitely a gift to make this holiday season a special one! $359.00

And that’s all of the worthy Animal Crossing gifts I have found that were high enough quality to be put on CrossingCharm, shared with all of you, and can help spread a little cheer this Holiday Season!


Who’s your special someone this Holiday Season getting that Animal Crossing: New Horizons gift they have always wanted? Let me know in the comments!

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