New October Update From Nintendo!

Animal Crossing New Horizons October Update

The newest update video on the month of October in ACNH! New Bugs, Fish and more! Watch the update on


Quick Intro/TL;DW

This update video encompasses new bugs such as the Red Dragonfly, new fish/crustaceans such as the Spiny Lobster, and ants?!

Also, an update on pumpkins; harvest after 3 days of planting, watering them gives a bigger harvest, and can be replanted or used in Pumpkin DIY Recipes!

Purchase Pumpkin Starts from Nook’s Cranny or from Leaf in the plaza!

ACNH Halloween Event

It’s a real TRICK OR TREAT on October 31st within New Horizons! Make sure to stock up on candy from Nook’s Cranny or your villagers will surprise you with a prank! Seems fun either way! 👻

Remember to visit Jack too!

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