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Animal Crossing Phone Wallpapers (light, regular, and dark mode) featuring over 80 Animal Crossing villagers! Page 9 including, Flick, Dodo Brothers, Ketchup, and more! #AnimalCrossing #NintendoSwitch #ACNH



The images on this page are quite heavy so you may need to give the page some time to load. I’m sorry about this, but currently there is no other way for me to provide these images to you. Enjoy the free Phone Wallpapers, and if you don’t see your favorite character, leave a comment and I can make it happen!

Sources: Background Leaf Image | Animal Crossing Characters

Villagers Quick Select

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Pashmina Wallpaper

Rasher Wallpaper

Ketchup Wallpaper


Flick Wallpaper


Orville Wallpaper

Wilbur Wallpaper

Orville & Wilbur Wallpaper


Lobo Wallpaper

Nan Wallpaper

Pierce Wallpaper


Bam Wallpaper


Scoot Wallpaper

This article is just a part of the wonderful life of Animal Crossing that we try to capture here on CrossingCharm. If you are interested in more guides and fun articles to read, for example, our guides on Island Planners to plan your land/waterscaping before designing in game, try our 3D Island Planner, Google Sheets Map Editor, and Happy Island Designer! If you are looking for some phone app companions try Fan-Made Companion App, ACNH Travel Guide, and ACNH Guide! CrossingCharm also offers free Monthly Calendars and Phone Wallpapers of your favorite villagers! Also check out our Animal Crossing-themed Gift Ideas!


Who’s your favorite Animal Crossing: New Horizons villager, and why? My favorite is Kicks simply because “it ain’t much, but it’s honest work.”

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