Bunny Day Event: What To Expect, New DIY Recipes, And A Bonus From Isabelle

Bunny Day is upon us, and there are SO MANY new items and DIY Recipes to find! Here is what to expect and Where to find all 6 eggs! #BunnyDay #ACNH #NintendoSwitch


This is quite a lengthy article so here is a quick jump list; Enjoy!

A little prelude before we start this guide/news article. I woke up this morning, excited to play Animal Crossing as per the usual, but this morning was different. I got an interesting call at 6:45 this morning; I had won a trip. So, I slipped into my diamond encrusted loafers, jumped in a private jet with none other than Captain Jack Sparrow, and we were off to Rumrunners Isle for Cherry Blossoms and Easter Eggs. (i don’t really know how to do April fools so..)

When we arrived, the view was immaculate. Pink leafed trees as far as the eye could see with their leaves rustling in the wind; some letting go only to be softly taken, dancing in the wind, and waiting to be catched. Presents floating in the sky attached to what could only be described as a colorfully painted Easter Egg. X marks the spot, and digging it wasn’t the usual unknown finding of a fossil, but yet another Easter egg painted red. Breaking stones not only gave clay, stone bits, and iron ore, but every once and a while another painted egg would pop out in surprise. Leaves of trees decorated to the theme would drop colorful eggs right at my feet. And the most surprising of all, fishing from river or sea could give me the chance to hook a fish or a purple polka-dotted painted egg!

Rumrunners Isle had changed; painting a scene that could have only came from a dream.

And that pretty much sums up my excitement from this morning! And now we can get into what you should expect!

Waking up on your island this wonderful day, you can expect a surprise in your usual announcement from Isabelle. She’ll explain the changing of the seasons and how trees must change with it; Cherry Blossom trees can now be found on your island!

In your new Cherry Blossom Trees you will find Leaf Eggs, put there by none other than Zipper. Zipper has spent the morning hiding Bunny Day Eggs around your island, and well…he could’ve done a better job at hiding these!

Not only will you be able to find eggs, you’ll have to go find Zipper too! He’ll likely be hopping around somewhere on the main part of your island, so no need to venture to the farthest corner of the map to find him!

For me, Zipper was hanging out in front of the Museum, hopping about like he had ants in his pants, or more that he was just really excited!

You’ll have a quick chat with Zipper who is quite surprised you were able to find him, and will then give an explaination of the entire Bunny Day event; how many eggs there are, hints on where to find them, and even give you one of the many Bunny Day DIY Recipes to get you started!

There are six types of eggs in total, and here comes the fun part: It’s time to find them all! And a section below this on what to do once you’ve found each egg!

Where To Find Bunny Day Eggs

Earth Egg

The Earth Egg, as you can image, can be found by digging in the usual fossil spots on the ground. You’ll see a lot more Xs in the ground than usual during the Bunny Day event; which just adds to the fun!


Leaf Egg

The second type of hidden egg that is the least hidden of all can be found on your trees; shake the tree just as you would for collecting fruit. You’ll receive 3 Leaf Eggs per tree, which comes in handy for all the DIY Recipes that can be found!

Sky Egg

The amount of balloons flying over your island is going to be staggering, and you could easily spend all day just popping balloons with your trusty slingshot. By popping these new Bunny Day themed balloons, your likely to receive a Sky Egg, which will fall from the sky instead of the usual present. You could also get the special event DIY Recipes from these balloons too!

Side note: You can also see Biff who is comfortably sitting on a stone bench…the thing is this bench is in Margie’s yard. I’m not sure if they made some arrangement; but hey, that’s Biff for you!

Stone Egg

While venturing around your island enjoying the new scenery, you’ll likely come across the large stones you’ve come to know and love for their resources. And one more resource has been added to that list! A Stone egg can be found by hitting a stone with either a Stone Axe or Shovel, and simply picking up the egg once it pops out!

Water Egg

The Water Egg may take a little longer to find than the others, but will be completely worth it after pulling in a few Sea Bass, Carp, and other wildlife. The moment you hook this egg and it pops out of the water is an amazing feeling!


Wood Egg

Lastly is the Wood Egg, which can be found by smacking a tree with one of your Axes. Instead of a chunk of wood popping out of the tree, you’ll notice an orange painted egg with yellow and red spots!

Animal Crossing New Horizons Bunny Day Wood Egg

Once You’ve Found Them All

When your egg hunt has been a complete success, and you have a few of each, you will want to start finding and collecting all DIY Recipes and get to crafting! In the image above, I’ve collected the Bunny Day bed (from Zipper, you’ll get this one too), Bunny Day wall, and the Bunny Day flooring! The fourth DIY Recipe was a gift from Biff; a Wooden double bed.

There are plenty of other Bunny Day DIY Recipes to be found, and I’ve even seen a full Bunny Day outfit complete with a half shell helmet and green and blue striped shirt and pants!

Speaking of; I just unlocked the Leaf Egg outfit on my island. Here’s how to unlock a Bunny Day Egg Outfit:

  • Find 10 of one type of egg
  • You’re character will then think of a new DIY Recipe
  • You’ll unlock and be able to craft a Shell (headwear), Outfit (body), and Shoes; all in the design of the 10 eggs you found.
  • You’ll then look like this!

Nice right?

Bunny Day DIY Recipes

These recipes will correlate with a letter for which eggs you will need, and a number for how many eggs that recipe needs. The image below labels each egg with a letter, and the list below will combine the letter(how much) with the number(which egg). For example, the Bunny Day Bed needs 1 of each egg, so the recipe read: Bunny Day Bed (A1, B1, C1, D1, E1, F1)

  • Bunny Day Bed (A1, B1, C1, D1, E1, F1)
  • Bunny Day Flooring (A2, B2, C2, D2, E2, F2)
  • Bunny Day Glowy Garland (A1, B1, C1, D1, E1, F1)
  • Bunny Day Lamp (A4)
  • Bunny Day Merry Balloons (D1, E1, F1)
  • Bunny Day Wall (A2, B2, C2, D2, E2, F2)

If you do decide to go find Zipper again, he’ll repeat that Bunny Day is on April 12th, and tell you about all the different places his hidden eggs can be found.

To keep track of the Bunny Day event, you can cross off each day as it passes on our free Animal Crossing themed Printable Calendar for April! The calendar also includes villager birthdays throughout the month so you don’t miss one. I recently celebrated Biffs birthday, which I remembered thanks to the March Calendar!


As you’ve heard or will hear from Isabelle in this morning announcement, you’ll be able to craft a special picnic basket! The materials needed for crafting the Outdoor Picnic Set are from the beautiful Cherry Blossom Trees! What you need are 10 of the Cherry Blossom Leaves floating around your island which can easily be caught with your net!

Zell decided to be front and center while I’m trying to show off the Cherry Blossom Leaf…typical Zell.

Here is what the Picnic Set looks like in game!

That’s all for this update, and I hope you enjoy the Bunny Day event as much as I have so far! Remember to fish, chop, slingshot, and pick as many eggs as you possibly can! Happy egg hunting!

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