Light Up Your Nintendo Switch With Custom Dock Shields!



Custom Dock Shields along with the PDP Dock Light give a Nintendo Switch some amazing personality; your personality! This is how they work and where to get them! #ACNH #NintendoSwitch


It’s very likely that your Nintendo Switch shows a lot about you. It shows what type of gamer you are by the games available to play, which game is your favorite by any skins or custom accessories attached, and how protective you are of your switch by any protective add-ons!

Now we have a chance to further customize our Switch with Dock Shields that not only protect the system (mainly the dock), but look pretty darn awesome and can be customized to whatever you’d like!

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What you see here is a combination of two things; a Dock Shield and a Dock Light. One cannot be used without the other. The Dock Light is a base that the Nintendo Switch Dock sits on top of, and is connected via a usb cable to back of your dock. The Dock Shield, which in this image has Tom Nook and his nephews standing on an island; just like the limited edition Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch, slides into a slot in the front of the Dock Light. The LED lights from the Dock Light then shine upwards projecting one of the 17 color options with this specific dock light made by PDP; which is in fact officially licensed by Nintendo.

The Dock Light costs 19.99 USD (about 17.28 GDP) on Amazon. Which is a decent price for a Nintendo Switch accessory; considering joy-cons are $60 USD or above, or even just a joy-con grip which sits at around half the price of the dock light; $10 USD.

via PDP on Amazon

But you wouldn’t want to have a just dock light without an awesome pre-designed or custom Dock Shield! The designs for these bad boys/girls are actually quite amazing. There is a lot of detail and craftsmanship involved, with pictures and customer reviews to prove it!

As mentioned, you can get pre-designed dock shields which come in a plethora of different designs! We have the Nintendo GameCube logo, Fortnite, Splatoon 2, SSBU, Dragon Ball Z, and the list just goes on. You can check out most of the designs in the slideshow below, and continue onto Etsy to see more the seller, C02studio, has to offer.

Pre-Designed Selection

See Pre-Designed Dock Shields on Etsy

Now if you didn’t see any pre-designed shields that really speak to you, feel free to contact the seller with a custom shield idea, and a rough draft, either drawn out by hand or assembled on a free online editor such as (not affiliated, just a good, free editor) before getting into contact with them.

Check out the slideshow below for a few snapshots of custom designed dock shields with a link to continue to that Etsy listing, provided by CO2studio as well, at the bottom of the slideshow.

Custom Shields Example

See Custom Dock Shields on Etsy


Having a Switch Dock Shield is a great way to both protect your Switch, and let your personality shine: show off your favorite game, or show off really anything with the ability to create custom dock shields. The Dock Light is relatively inexpensive, and available on Amazon; so for simplicity’s sake, you can have it delivered right to your doors within 2 days time. No, getting the Dock Light isn’t the hard part. The hard part is choosing the right Dock Shield! Of course, you could order more than one over time, but the first one needs to be just right.

If your an Animal Crossing fan like me, the Tom Nook and Timmy & Tommy shield is exactly what I’m looking for! But if that shield doesn’t exactly suit you; it gets better, because you can add your favorite villager to a dock design and CO2studio will create your custom Dock Shield! Remember to go to the Custom Dock Shield listing though!

I’m genuinely excited about finding these dock shields, and I’d like to create one with the Crossing Charm logo, choose one of the 17 light settings on the Dock Light, and show off just how proud I am. BUT, with New Horizons release in just 2 days, I think my focus should be on something more important and set time aside later to design my own dock shield!

As for you, I hope you consider it, a Dock Light and Shield seem to be a really fun piece of customization to add to your Switch!

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