Sweetest Grandma Receives The Ultimate Animal Crossing Tribute

87 Year Old Grandma Gets A Tribute In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Mayor Audie, an 87-year-old Animal Crossing: New Leaf veteran with over 3,580 hours played, receives the ultimate tribute in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!#ACNH


Meet Mayor Audie!

Audrey has been playing Animal Crossing: New leaf on her Nintendo 3DS for over 4 years and has racked up an astounding 3,500 hours of gameplay. And as if that’s not impressive enough, she is just the sweetest grandma who is just as proud and excited to play Animal Crossing as us youngsters!

She and her grandson released a video in January where she goes over her town in detail and even leaves her address code for others to check out her town!


“If you’d like to visit her town, her Dream Address is 4E00-0126-6834”

Phubans – her grandson Paul

Her Tribute

In Paul’s video, at 2:42, we can see Isabelle greeting her mayor:

AND in the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons highlight videos from Nintendo, we get a sneak peek at a new villager!

Everyone, meet Audie; she’s a new wolf villager who is very likely named after Mayor Audie! I think the villager Audie will have a Peppy personality, meaning she will be very excitable and lovable in-game! Fitting right?

It Gets Better

In late 2018, the community came together and did the most amazing thing. But it wasn’t just any ordinary amazing thing, it was a heart-warming donation goal set by her grandson to allow Mayor Audie to start her very own island paradise in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! The goal was specifically to get “gran”, I feel like she’s everyone’s AC grandma at this point, a Nintendo Switch of her own so that she could enjoy ACNH with the rest of us; which is here in just 2 days!

We can see here in Paul’s tweet that Mayor Audie did indeed receive her Switch and as an added bonus, is a Pokémon Fan too!


New we just need to wait for that twitter update by Paul confirming that gran has received her copy of ACNH, and hopefully some awesome updates of her new town! I hope Filbert, Mayor Audie’s favorite villager, greets her on her island and decides to join forces with her as an old friend!

Source: Mayor Audie’s playtime

What do you think of Nintendo’s choice to include Mayor Audie in the new Animal Crossing game? Well deserved or just a coincidence?

p.s. – I know a lot of other media sources covered this, but when I heard about it; I couldn’t resist jumping into this heart-warming story and finding out everything I could!

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