Plan & Track Your Island Paradise With This Animal Crossing Companion Planner on Kickstarter!


An ultimate island companion planner is here and this thing is nothing short of extraordinary! It has everything you could need to keep track of, and plan your Island to the max! Live on Kickstarter now! #AnimalCrossing #NewHorizons #BulletJournal

Island Companion Planner

This companion planner gives you ultimate control over your island, and helps you to keep track of decisions made in-game. Track your island’s residents, detailed design, and update tracking tables for fishing, bug catching, fossils, and more!

The Cover

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Companion Planner Cover

The cover has a certain charm about it, doesn’t it? It’s hand drawn and really portrays the Animal Crossing feeling! There was a $3,000 stretch goal to have the cover colored an it has been reached by over $40,000! So anyone pledging can enjoy this cover in full color!

The First Page

Animal Crossing: New Horizons  Island Companion Planner First Page

The first page includes blanks to fill in the main details of your island, including fruit, current population, your name and Nintendo Switch friend code, and a residence list to update as time goes by! The creator of the Kickstarter recommends to write these details in pencil, and I couldn’t agree more as villagers often move in and out.

The Map Editor/Planner

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island Companion Planner Map Planner

The map planner section of the journal can be as simple or detailed as you wish, and includes blanks to fill in more details about the certain icons or numbers on the map editor section (A1 – F7).

The image on the right includes a more detailed map planner section, in the example it’s Acre D5, and the companion planner will include acre sections for all 42 acres! That means you can plan your island paradise to the max! Hence why this is the ultimate Animal Crossing: New Horizons Companion Planner!

The Tracking Tables

Get the most out of your island with detailed trackers! The example above is for fishing, where you can track the name of a certain fish, the sizes you’ve caught the or can catch them, the best times to catch them; A.M. and P.M., and the best months to catch them. Continuing, you can track where you caught that certain fish, and how many bells you can get for that fish and it’s certain size. Now that’s the detail other planners don’t provide!

And Villager History Chart

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Companion Planner Villager History Chart

Last but not least, you can keep a full log of which villagers have lived on your island paradise! You can keep details on what they like and dislike, as well as how long they stayed. This is another chart that would be a good idea to write in pencil!



The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Companion Planner holds the best capability to keep everything you plan to do, and everything you have done in a neat, exact location for easy reference and updating. The planner is currently available on Kickstarter for the next 60 hours and time is moving! The campaign will end on March 12 with only 8 days to go until the big release we’ve all been waiting for!

Please keep in mind that this is a fan-made planner and is not affiliated with Nintendo in anyway. Other than that, happy planning!

What do you plan to name your island, and which villagers are you most excited for to call your island paradise home? Let me know in the comments!

As for me, I’ll be welcoming villagers to Rumrunners Isle, and I would love to see Stitches, Molly, and Brewster!

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