Make Your Own Dodo Airlines Boarding Pass and More! Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Make your own Dodo Airlines Boarding Pass, Passport, and Island Greeting Cards! Huge thanks to @John_codes_php and @CelesMeh for their work on


So! This is an exciting little nugget I found on the internet today, and it is truly exciting to see these when they’re fully customized and finished!

We have three options when entering Dodo Airlines (fan-made) website. You can create as many of these as you would like:

How It Works

As you first enter the website, you’ll be presented with the main screen and be able to choose from a list, similar to the above. Whichever you click on will bring you to the options page where you can fill in the fun info, select characters, and choose from quite a few different designs.

The structure below, will be a quick sneak peak of the form for each of the three options; followed by my examples for my Animal Crossing: New Horizons boarding pass, passport, and “greeting card”!

Boarding Pass

Boarding Pass Form (Missing: Boarding Date and Boarding Time)

End Result


Passport Form (Missing: a few Stamps, Name, Friend Code, and Island Name text fields)

End Result


Greeting Card

Greeting Card Form (Missing: Text Bubble Design Selection, Text Fields 1 & 2)

End Result

Share Your Boarding Pass, Passport, and Greeting Card!

Yeah so not much to this post, but the website is short, sweet, and to the point! It’s a fun process to go through; choosing your island name, selecting your character, and really having fun with the customization!

Wherever you decide to upload your creations, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even Pinterest; give me shout with @CrossingCharm! It would be a lot of fun to see everyone else’s creativity, and maybe collect some Greeting Cards along the way!

Leave a comment with which one you plan on creating first! Personally, I went for the boarding pass as I CANNOT WAIT to step off the Dodo Airlines plane to venture around and shape the land of Rumrunners Isle!

Rumrunners Isle Official Flag
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