Animal Crossing: New Horizons Pre-Order: New Horizons Journal


As charming as promotional merchandise can get, Target is here to offer a beautifully crafted Animal Crossing New Horizons Journal; up for grabs with the pre-order of the game at Target! (sold out as of now) high possibility of restock on March 20th, 2020!


The Journal

Ok so let us take a second here to really appreciate this beautiful piece of merchandise. The Journal itself looks to have gold-colored edges on the outside of all pages, and of course the charming, iconic Animal Crossing leaf lightly decorating the cover, spine, and back.

The matching gold-colored band, to keep the journal tightly closed, is an excellent accent to the turquoise background color. Not to forget, the friendly greeting of Tom Nook accompanied by Timmy & Tommy on the front cover!

Image of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game for the Nintendo Switch next to the Pre-Order Bonus New Horizons Journal
Photo via

Are you excited yet?

Let’s open it up!


Flipping to the next pages

Photo via

We see the lined pages decorated with an Animal Crossing leaf (top left of each page) and the silhouettes of many characters lining the bottom of each page.

Browsing through the silhouettes, I believe I see Rover with a watering can,

As an avid bullet journal user, I would have loved to see half of the pages in journal as what you see in the image, lined pages, but the other half consisting of bullets to create custom pages fx: character profiles from in the game.

The ONLY downside to this journal, that I can see, is that the paper seems to be thin, like 60-80gsm thin. That means there may be some “bleed through”; meaning when writing in pen you could see the shadow of your writing on the backside of that page.

Bleed through shouldn’t be an issue when writing in pencil though!

But this is a notebook journal and it looks like the journal provides just that and elegantly well. The overall composition of the pages is perfect for notes and longer writing. The decorations are simplistic, sure to not distract you as you write, and there are plenty of lines for full page coverage!

Alright so you have the released details of the journal, and now it’s about time we find out where to buy it!

Where To Get The Journal

Right, so where can you pick this up? The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Journal is available only at Target; while supplies last!

As for our international readers, it may be possible to grab the journal on Amazon or even eBay if you’re careful. I’m writing from Denmark, so I will definitely be scouring Amazon and eBay to find this beauty.

Now currently the game with pre-order bonus is sold out at Target. 😔

BUT, I have a strong feeling that upon release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the journal will suddenly be in stock as a stand-alone purchase!

And to back up this feeling, Target suggests, on their pre-order webpage, that you should consider coming back on March 20, 2020…hint hint. 😊

Feel free to bookmark the Pre-Order page via the button below! (Not an affiliate link)

This is my first post in a few years and I’d love to hear your thoughts on how I did! Was it easy enough to read? Did the post flow well as you read?

If the post was fine or that topic doesn’t interest you;

Comment your favorite Animal Crossing character AND what you plan to name your New Horizons Island!

As for me, Kicks is my guy and I will be welcoming guests to Rumrunners Isle from Pirates of the Caribbean! 🏴‍☠️

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